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Rushing from schools works, to tuition, to extra curriculum activities can be stressful for the little children. This program teaches the basics of destress technique to help your child to relax and relieve of their daily demands on their brain. This program would help your child to be able to learn better and enjoy their childhood amid the demands of their school work and activities.

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Children Destress Program for is a brain relaxation program for children and students studying and preparing for examination, to relax and enhance concentration ability for high efficiency learning.

In this 6-hour workshop, participants will learn relaxation techniques to help their brains to have good rest and reduce their stresses. Participants will also get to enjoy Neuro Activatio Soundwave which consists of waves to enhance creativity and to synchronise right and left hemispheres of the brain to reduce stress.

The program also includes appreciation of Neuro Dormio Soundwaves for improvement of sleep quality, Neuro Laxo Soundwave for Relaxation and Neuro Emojoy to enhance positive emotions. All participants attending this program will get a Neuro Laxo. It is a device embedded with Neuro Relaxation Soundwaves.

The Neuro Soundwave used in this program has filed for 8 International Patents and 2 Original Music Copyrights in China.


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