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This is a 2- full day program to empower you with the right mindset to expand your brain capacity as well as its processing speed. The program encompasses and develops your brain in areas of motor function, perspectives, analytical minds, vision, memory, focus & perception. It opens up the infinite possibilities of learning absorption, retention and applications. The first step in your success journey starts here!

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Hyper Intelligence Program (Basic) is a brain development program for adults to enhance their brain power and to unleash the hidden potentials of their brains.

Hyper Intelligence Program is an effective brain development program for working adults. It is conducted over 2 days of 6 hours each. Every participant is given a “Neuro Brain Stimulator” (with Neuro Activatio Soundwave), a Gold Key and a set of colour cards, which allows him/her to continue with brain development practice after completion of the program.

All Hyper Intelligence Programs are conducted by Certified Neuro Professional Trainers using Neuro Code Research’s proprietary brain development pedagogy – Neuro SDESA; and Neuro Code Research’s patent pending technology – Neuro Activatio Soundwave. The program also uses established psychology and neuro science techniques from leading universities and research centres.

Upon completion of the program, participants will see improvements in focus and concentration, memory power, creativity, and enhanced sensory perception.

Deploying state-of-art technology and proven pedagogy, the program uses pictures, animations, videos, finger exercises and Neuro Soundwaves to stimulate and develop specific regions of human brain and enhance the inter-hemispheric communication between our right and left hemispheres of the brain; resulting in improvement in focus & concentration, memory power, creativity and enhanced sensory perception. The Neuro Soundwave used in this program has filed for 2 PCT International Patents, 2 National Patents in Singapore and 2 National Patents in China.


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