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The Antenatal

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The Slumber


Helps children and adults to sleep well, improve health and memory.

8×8 hours Sleep Soundwave

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Good sleep is necessary for good physical and mental health and a good quality of life. Insufficient sleep is a pervasive and prominent problem, in the modern society. A considerable body of evidence suggests that insufficient sleep causes hosts of adverse medical and mental dysfunctions.

Globally, insufficient sleep is prevalent across various age groups, considered to be a public health epidemic that is often unrecognized, under-reported, and that has rather high economic costs. Insufficient sleep leads to the derailment of body systems, leading to increased incidences of cardiovascular morbidity, increased chances of diabetes mellitus, obesity, derailment of cognitive functions, vehicular accidents, and increased accidents at workplaces.

The Slumber is developed specially for people with sleep challenges and disorders. A selection of relaxing and soothing musical compositions was chosen to embed with Sleep Soundwave with waveform gradually reducing form Beta to Delta frequencies. Brain Entrainment techniques is used to guide the busy mind to reach a relaxing stage and finally into deep sleep.

The Slumber contains a selection of 20 musical compositions of 8 hours each, embedded with Dormio Sleep Soundwave. Users could listen to the music and Soundwave 30mins before sleep and during sleep.


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