LDSY Academy is a training institution that aims to empower individual with confidence and belief of his potential, discovering your strength and works towards autonomy.

Our Belief
We believe the importance and value of training as it delivers impactful results and sustainable change is inherently a reflective process that involves people first gaining awareness on how they perceive their current reality and construct the meaning.

How do we train?
LDSY evocative training approach has enabled people to expand their thinking capacity to effect positive change that goes beyond the situational or behavioural context. It empowers one to discover your potential to soar for greater heights in their career.

What sets our training apart from the others in the industry is our science-based approach build on empirical researches and practical fieldwork to effect positive change. It is an integrative approach blending the science of Neuro Linguistic with advance adult learning theories creating a customized framework that is applicable to the real working world.

Peter Tan

CEO, Asia Pacific

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