Triple Win

Triple Win Pte Ltd aims to build a strong company culture and achieve maximum business performance.

In any Enterprise, it is always difficult to balance the benefits & values it brings to the Company & their clients. Triple Win aims just to do that, by building a strong Triple Win (3W) concept.

  • Win for the Consumers: We seek to find quality products & services for the consumer at competitive price, with Value as its most important consideration.

  • Win for the Marketers: We seek to offer high commission without compromise to the Quality of the Product & Services.

  • Win for the Company: We seek to keep a small portion of the profits, so that optimum value can be passed to both the consumers & the marketers. With a large volume, our business will be sustainable.

In this respect, we link product & service providers to this platform, where consumers can browse and shop; the same coupon code can be used across all the companies inside the platform. The marketers are given a range of products & services (online & offline) to promote seamlessly to new and existing customers.

Together, we save money through purchase and earn money through selling; Win-Win-Win!

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