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Your child may be swamped with so many activities from school or at home. The lure of computer games, exciting movies and lack of sufficient sleep can cause your child having difficulties to stay focus. This program tests, as well as teaches you the various techniques to stay focus on what you need to complete. It would indirectly improve your child’s efficiency and enhance their memory system.

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Neuro Focus is a 6 hours program using visual and auditory senses to enhance participants’ focus and concertation ability leading to improve learning ability and work productivity. The program is specially designed for students and working adults.

The ability to pay attention and stay focus in classroom or at work is the key to better knowledge absorption and higher work efficacy. Students with attention deficit syndrome will not be able to attain academic excellence as they cannot listen attentively in class and focus in doing their homework. The situation could be worse if the child is hyper active which inhibit his or her ability to sit still and pay attention in class. Hence, the need of this program to train and enhance students’ ability to stay focus and increase knowledge absorption rate leading to improvement in academic results. Similarly, adults with poor attention focus will take much longer time to complete a piece of work with lower quality of output.

A recent research from University of California, Davis shows that attention increases the efficiency of signaling into the brain’s cerebral cortex and boosts the ratio of signal over noise. “It’s the first -time neuroscientists have been able to look at the behavior of synaptic circuits at such a fine- grained level of resolution while measuring the effects of attention”, said Professor Ron Mangun, dean of social sciences at UC Davis and a researcher at the UC Davis Center for Mind and Brain.

Essentially, ‘we see out of the corner of our eyes,’ as the old saying goes. This ability helps us detect threats, and react quickly to avoid them, as when a car running a red light at high speed is approach from our side,” he said. The researchers found that when the animals were paying attention to an area within their field of view, the signal strength through corresponding synapses leading into the cortex became more effective, and the signal was boosted relative to background noise.

Neuro Focus is a program developed by Dr. JH Tang, founder of Neuro Code Research Pte Ltd. Dr. Tang spent more than 25 years of experience in research of Artificial Intelligence, Neural Network and Neuro Soundwave. He has filed 8 patents on the Neuro Soundwave technology. Dr. Tang was formerly a lecturer in Temasek Polytechnic and a research scientist in National University of Singapore and Agency of Science, Technology & Research (A*Star). He was the inventor of the World’s first Virtual Factory and has represented United Nation’s specialized agency, World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) as an international expert speaker to present at national and international seminars and conferences.



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